martes, 23 de febrero de 2016

Entusiasta Gallery at Swaggerless Pop-Up Art Show in Los Angeles

For one lovely saturday, on February 20th 2016, Entusiasta Gallery took part in the Swaggerless Pop-Up Art Show in Gallery 38 in Los Angeles, California.

Jess Willis, the woman behind Swaggerless is making a difference by living her dream, first blogging for the struggling artist and now taking a big step foward: organizing a Pop-up art Show with over a dozen underground and emerging international artists, in a very fresh and unique way.

It seems everything went great for those who where lucky enough to be in person. As I say the other day, our works travel more than we do, but we are more than fine with that!

Just take a look at this happy art appreciators in this photos by the event host Jess Willis:

Fine art caricature print in the hands of a happy customer
A Charlie Parker lady, with David Pugliese's art print by Entusiasta Gallery.
Art print with the caricature of jazz musician Charlie Parker portrayed by artist David Pugliese in the hands of a happy customer
A Charlie Parker guy, enjoying the fine art caricature by David Pugliese in his hands.

A jazz enthusiast with his Miles Davis by David Pugliese. Behind, art prints by Entusiasta Gallery.

Wes Montgomery by David Pugliese with his happy new owner.

by artists David Pugliese and Jésica Cichero at Los Angeles, California. Gallery 38.
The art wall at Gallery 38, where you can see our originals and prints.

We would like to thank Swaggerless for trusting in our work, Gallery 38 for opening the space for this wonderful event and to those who where present sharing this very special moment.

By the way, for those craving for their own art print of this jazz masters, just order yours at our e-mail.

Stay tunned, we look foward to do more appearances here and there! 

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